Patrice Colvin
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I was born and raised in the beautiful Northwest. My happiest days were spent with my siblings enjoying the old growth forest behind our home. There, we were given free reign to play, imagine and dream…

Stories from the past, images from my travels, observations of nature, or subconscious imaginings are usually the inspiration for my paintings. I often paint in oil or acrylic on canvas. I also work in pen and ink or watercolor and experiment with a wide variety of media.

In the past several years I have discovered that painting in an intuitive style sets me free to communicate my deepest thoughts and feelings. My favorite time at the easel is when I take brush in hand with no idea of what I am going to paint. The shapes and hues I put on canvas, take on a life of their own and I follow along instinctively. This process can be my most gratifying and enjoyable, but also the most challenging.   For me, whether I choose to paint realistically, abstract or somewhere in between, each painting becomes an exciting and sometimes surprising creative journey.   


Waldrand Revisited, 16 x 20 oil on canvas

"Tulipa" Oil on canvas "sold"

"Leaving Emerald City" 48 x 30 Oil on Canvas

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